Charles the 2nd for history

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Charles the 2nd for history

Lots of things happened when charles 2nd reigned like the restortion, and the great fire of london and the great plague but the good thing is that we can learn a lot from him, and all the exiting things that happened in his reign. He was given the nickname the merry moncarch because oliver cromwell took away things like christmas and sport. Even fun! But Charles 2nd brought it all back like many other things, plays and partys. Charles 2nd had so many partys that he could'nt rember when his brithday was because he had so many partys a year. King charles 2nd is also famous for his hair, which very curly and he got the dog king charles named after him because they had simmiler hair styles. Horrible historys has done a very intestring vidio about charles 2nd obsever to the right of this text... So all in all charles was a good king and got rid of all oliver cromwells lawers and ruled the country quite happyly untill he died in 1658. And left the county in safe hands. To his brother King James 2nd, Beacuse he had no legitimate children of his own, he had many children with his 'mistress' but none with his wife. so the throne had to go to james.

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1) The fire of london happened in 1666 and it caused devestion though out london.2)The great plague happened in 1665 and it is said that the graet fire of london destoryed the plague because it wiped out all the rats that were spreading it.



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