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Charles Messier

Charles Messier was born in France. He was the 10th of 12 children. He is most known for his creation of the Messier Catalog, which consists of a 110 celestial objects, including nebulae and star clusters. The catalog was created to help comet hunters, like Messier himself, distinguish between permanent and transient objects. This catalog is still used by astronomers in the Northern Hemisphere today.


1730 - Born1753 - His first documented observation1757 - Began searching for Halley1769 - First edition of catalog published1817 - Died

Charles Messier spent decades searching the night skies for comets. He discovered several of them. But his most notable accomplishment is the catalog of deep sky objects he recorded through out his observations. The Messier Catalog consists of 110 nebulae and star clusters. It continues to be a reliable tool for astronomers to this day.

Fun Facts

- The king of France called him the ferret of comets- Charles Messier once fell into a 25ft deep ice cellar-He also has a crator on the moon named after him


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Charles Messier




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