Charles Manson

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Charles Manson

Charles Manson

Charles Manson was in charge of a cult called Helter Skelter, he was also guilty for the murder of Sharon Tate. Helter Skelter was a song released by the Beatles. He misunderstood the song and thought The Beatles were predicting an upcoming race war. He was released from jail in 1967 after stealing cars, he headed to San Francisco, and he got a following because of drugs and his guitar. Soon enough he and his followers moved into Spahn Ranch, and that’s when his cult soon formed “The Family”. He thought the Race War would happen in the summer of 1969, but when it didn’t he informed his cult members that they must show the black’s how to do it

Orders A Murder

He ordered 4 of his followers to go to Terry Melcher’s house and kill everyone inside, Terry Melcher was a man who did not want to help Charles Manson with his music career. It was August 9th 1969 that Sharon Tates and her husband lived there, the 4 members of the cult murdered her and her unborn baby.


He was found guilty, and was sentenced to death march 29th 1971. In 1972 he was reprieved of his death penalty when the Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty. He now serves a lifetime sentence. He has been in prison for over 3 decades, and he is now being held in California’s Corcoran Prison, he is 77 years old.


I give Charles Manson an I for insane. He was crazy for steeling at such a young age, he had a cult, and he was in charge of a murder. He had Sharon Tate killed for no reason, she did nothing to him. Charles Manson formed his cult due to the misunderstanding of a Beatles song Helter Skelter. He thought they meant there was going to be a war in the summer of 1969 because of race. He’s insane because I do not see any way he could get a racial war out of the lyrics of Helter Skelter.


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