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Charles Lindbergh



February 4, 1902-Charles Lindbergh was born in MichiganFebruary, 1922-Left college to become a flying student at Nebraska Standard Aircraft CorporationApril 9, 1922- First solo flightFebruary 25, 1927-Purchased a monoplane, The Spirit of St. LouisApril 28, 1927-First test flight of The Spirit of St. LouisMay 20, 1927-Departs from New York at 6:50 amMay 21, 1927-Landed in Paris at 5:20 pm (33 hours 30 minutes)* First persons to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean *June 16, 1927-Raymond Orteig gave him the Orteig Prize and awarded him with $25,000May 27, 1929-Married Anne MorrowJune 22, 1930-Birth of their first child who was kidnapped and later killedAugust 26, 1974- Charles Lindbergh died of lymphatic cancer at Hawaii



Since the first moment I saw an airplane I knew that was my destiny. I was so skillful with planes that I did not have a doubt I was going to be the first to fly nonstop across the Atlantic. May 20th, 1927 was the day that changed my life. At 6:50 am I was already inside the St. Louis plane hoping to succeed in this voyage. I passed 33 hours and 30 minutes orienting myself with the stars, having by my side a radio, maps of area and a parachute in case of emergencies. I was confident because I had learned from people past mistakes. When I was about to land in Paris I saw a huge crowd of people. I landed May 21st, 1927 at 5:20 pm. Everyone was cheering and screaming my name. In that moment I became a new American hero. No one can imagine how delighted I was. After traveling 3,600 miles from New York to Paris I made an impact to the world. Later, I was rewarded with $25,000 because I had won the Orteig Prize since I was the first to travel across the Atlantic.

Spirit of St. Louis




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