Charles III

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Charles III

1715-1725He was born 20 January 1716

Charles III of Borbón

1726-1735-He was named duke of Parma and Toscana in 1731.-He was became a king of Naples and Sicily in 1735.

Cue Card-The name of king: Charles III of Borbón.-He was born in: 20th January 1716 -He became king in: 1759-Important events: He was married in 1738He was became a king of Naples and Sicily in 1735.He was became a king of Spain in 1759.Paris peace in 1763-He died in: Spain in 14th December 1788

1736-1745-He was married in 1738 with Mery Amalia of Sajonia.

1755-1765-Spain enters in the War of Seven years in 1756.-He was became a king of 1759.-He signed The Paris peace in 1763.

1775-1788-He died in Spain in 14th December 1788.


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