Charles Fisher

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Charles Fisher

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Charles Fisher- New Brunswick delegate and one of the Fathers of Confederation

Charles Fisher

Political History: -Elected to the Legislative Assembly as a Liberal representative for York County in 1837converted to the responsible government 1848-Attorney general in 1854

-New Brunswick hoped to gain security from invasion, a railroad, and an economic boost with ConfederationThe colony , with Confederation, would lose power and money from taxes on exporting goods from New Brunswick to the United States.

At the Conferences Fisher and the delegates contributed to the drafting and completion of the 72 Resolutions

Fisher lost his seat in the Assembly in 1861 because of a crown royal land scandal but he regained his position not too long after. He again lost his seat along with the supporters of Confederation were driven out from the office during the elections, he sat Supreme Court of New Brunswick in 1868.

Fisher participated in the Quebec (1864) and London (1866) Conferences

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