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Charles Drew

Dr. Charles Drew was featured on a stamp on 1981

Charles Drew was the first diretor of The Red Cross

As World War II continued, Dr. Charles drew recognized the urgent need for blood and created blood donation trucks, known today as "bloodmobiles." After the war, Dr. Drew helped organize the first large scale blood bank in America.

Dr. Charles DrewBlood Bank

Charles Drew(1904-1950) was an American surgeon, physician and medical researcher. After researching blood transfusions and storage, he developed large scale blood banks in World War II and later discovered plasma.

Dr. Drew was the most prominent African-American in the medical field.

Dr. Drew's discoveries in 1940 have helped save the lives of millions by making blood more accessible to those in need of transfusions.

The American Red Cross currently supplies 45% of the bood used in hospitals. Without Drew work millions would've died.


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