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Charles Dickens

Charles DickensFact File by Nihal James

Formative YearsCharles John Huffam Dickens was born at Portsmouth, England in February 7 1812 to John and Elizabeth Dickens. He was the 2nd of 8 children and was the eldest male other than his father which meant he and his father were the ones who supported the family. His family moved to Chatham in 1816Though his family was poor Charles frequently showed signs of a bright future. He showed interest in many literary and artistic works and read books often, among his favourites were Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes and Arabian Nights.His nursemaid read him stories and he regularly visited the theater. One day he and his father were out on a walk where is father pointed to Gad's Hill Place and he said that if charles worked hard he could live there. He attended Wellington House Academy but had to leave as his father was sent to Marshallsea Debtor's Prison in !824.Since his father was at Debtor's Prison he had to support the family and that is exactly what he did as he spent the next few years working at a Boot Blacking factory which was managed by a relative of his mothers. Here he had to withstand many harsh and dangerous conditions which was one of themes in his many novels. After what seemed like eons putting labels on jars his father finally was able to pay off his debts and was set free. His parents had an aguement on whether Charles should go back to school or keep suppoting the family. But with the help of his father he was able to go back to school.

FamilyIn 1836 he married Catherine Hogarth who bore him ten children and they lived together for many years until they divorced in 1858. It is still unknown why they broke up but it is thought that she was losing and beauty and that he had an relationship with actress Ellen Ternan, a woman he met at a play called the Frozen Deep.

Charles Dickens

OccupationsAfter finally being able to return to school he had to leave once again at age 15 to work as an office boy which was his starting point for his great writing career. At age 16 he worked as a court reporter and after he worked for a newspaper known as A Mirror of Parliament. After growing tired of politics he worked for another newspaper called True Sun. In 1833 he started to sumbit sketches to many different magazines and newspapers under the pen name Boz. These were a massive success and eventually he wrote he Pickwick papers where his writing was more popular than the illustrations. Thereafter he started writing his first book Oliver Twist and 15 books after his other succeses. With his success he visited and did tours in many countries. The first time he arrived there were many people waiting for his arrival. Eventually he started disliking this fame and didn't enjoy people invading his privacy.

Novels or PiecesThe Pickwick Papers – 1836Oliver Twist – 1837Nicholas Nickleby – 1838The Old Curiosity Shop – 1840Barnaby Rudge – 1841Martin Chuzzlewit – 1843Dombey and Son – 1846David Copperfield – 1849Bleak House – 1852Hard Times – 1854Little Dorrit – 1855A Tale of Two Cities – 1859Great Expectations – 1860Our Mutual Friend – 1864

Charles' Life

Gad's Hill Place

Later yearsAfter lots of years of writing Charles was able to buy Gads Hill Place the house his father showed him. Though his health was declining and rumours were popping up he continued many different projects. In 1865 he was with Ellen Ternan and her mother when the train was derailed. There were 10deaths but luckily Charles survived. Though 5 years later he would die of a stroke leaving one book the Mystery of Edwin Drood.


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