[2015] Kasper Dal Santo (5W): Charles Dickens

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[2015] Kasper Dal Santo (5W): Charles Dickens

Charles was the oldest boy in the eight children in his family.His Father, John Dickens, was a naval clerk and his Mother, Elizabeth Barrow, was wanting to become a teacher.In 1816 they moved to Chatham.Then in 1822 they moved, once again, to Camden Town. Later, in 1824, his father got sent to jail for not repaying a debt. Charles then had no choice but to go work in a shoe polish factory where he earned 6 shillings a week. Eventually, his father paid the debt and Charles got a few more years in school until he had to drop out to assist in the earnings of the family.6 years later, in 1833, he was starting his career as a writer when he published sketches in two news papers.


His first novel, Oliver Twist was published every month on a newspaper in series.In 1842 Chales and his wife Catherine travelled to the United states on a 5 month tour, which inspired him to make an american based book.Over the years he published more exciting books such as A Christmas Carol.

Some books

Pickwick PapersNicholas NicklebyOur Mutual FriendThe Mystery of Edwin Drood


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Charles Dicken's Incredible life

Former Life

Minor Details

Charles Dickens' full name is Charles John Huffam Dickens. He was born on the 7th Feb 1812 in Portsmouth and died on 9th June 1870.

Catherine Hogarth, Charles' Wife


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