[2015] Vidit Arora (6S): Charles Dickens

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[2015] Vidit Arora (6S): Charles Dickens

CHARLES DICKENSCharles Dickens was an English Author who created many memorable characters and wrote amazing books. He is respected as the best author of the Victorian era.

British Ten Pound Note

Catherine Dickens

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Early LifeCharles John Huffam Dickens was born, the second 0f eight children, to John and Elizabeth Dickens in Portsmouth England on 7 February 1812. His family were having many financial problems which eventually resulted in Charles not having enough money to pay for school. In 1824, young Charles was forced to work at 'Warrens Blacking Factory' since he was the oldest boy in the family. On 23 February that same year, John Dickens was sent to debter's prison even after fiercely seeking money for his father. Later, everyone in the family, except Charles, moved into John's gaol cell. While without his family, Charles had to live in a boarding house and continue to work at Warren's Blacking Factory with terrible conditions. This caused despair and angst but he was soon lucky to receive an inheritence which let him pay off the debt. His whole family now lived in that same boarding house. Later, in June, he went back to school. This experience was left lingering in the memory of Charles and it is obviously an inspiration for many of his novels.

FamilyCharles was the second of eight children when born to John and Elizebath Dickens. The names of his seven siblings were Alfred, Alfred (again), Augustus, Frederick, Frances, Laetitia and Harriet. Charles married Catherine Thomas Hogarth in 1836 and gave birth to ten children. Their names are Charles, Walter, Francis, Alfred, Sydney, Henry, Edward, Mary, Kate and Dora. Dora unfortunately died in infancy.

InterestingsFactsCharles Dickens actually first started as a journalist and wrote articles for 'The True Sun' and 'The Mirror of Parliament'.Charles Dickens was on the Britich Ten Pound note.Charles Dickens had a secret door which looked like a fake bookcase. Charles Dickens addressed his wife as 'dearest darling pig' and 'dearest mouse.In 2009, an ivory toothpick once used by Charles Dickens was sold at auction for $9,000.

Published BooksThe Pickwick Papers – 1836Oliver Twist – 1837Nicholas Nickleby – 1838The Old Curiosity Shop – 1840Barnaby Rudge – 1841Martin Chuzzlewit – 1843Dombey and Son – 1846David Copperfield – 1849Bleak House – 1852Hard Times – 1854Little Dorrit – 1855A Tale of Two Cities – 1859Great Expectations – 1860Our Mutual Friend – 1864The Mystery of Edwin Drood – 1870

Charles Dickens

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