[2015] Huey Abedo (5W): Charles Dickens

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[2015] Huey Abedo (5W): Charles Dickens

Charles DickensBorn Feb 7, 1812Died June 9, 1870Spouse: Catherine Hogarth

David Copperfield

Oliver Twist

Nicholas Nickleby

Charles's lifeEarly lifeCharles was the second oldest child out of 8 siblings, the youngest dying when Charles was 2. Charles had a decent family until he was 12, when his family became poor and Charles then worked in a shoe polish factory. A few months later, John Dickens(Charles's father) was put in debtor's prison, failing to pay 40 pounds. Meanwhile Charles buys a room in a boarding house, using the money from the boot blacking factory to pay his profit. A few months later, his father is released and the family moves to where Charles is.In 1827, Charles starts a job as a law clerk to raise the family finances, and a year later, he starts as a journalist, leaving his other job behind. He continues his new job for several years, stopping at 1836, when his job as a writer begins.Later lifeCharles marries Catherine Hogarth in 1836, who would have 10 children: Charles(1837), Mamie(1838), Kate(1839), Walter(1841), Francis(1844), Alfred Tennyson(1845), Sydney(1847), Henry(1849), Dora(1850), and Edward(1852).In 1851, Charles's father dies, as well as 9-month-old Dora. Meanwhile, Catherine endures a breakdown.In 1857, Charles falls in love with an actress called Ellen Ternan, with Charles breaking up with Catherine the following year.In 1859, Charles takes over editorship of the magazine "All The Year Round", a job he keeps until his death.In 1863, both his mother Elizabeth and his son Walter, who was a soldier in Calcutta.He dies in June 9, 1870 at the age of 58.

Writer's LifeAs a writer, Charles wrote many books in his career.The first books to be published were "Sketches by Boz" and "The Pickwick Papers" in 1836, "Oliver Twist" in 1837, "Nicholas Nickleby in 1839, which highlights education for poor children, "The Old Curiosity Shop" in 1840, "The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit" and "A Christmas Carol" in 1843, "Dombey and Son" in 1846, "David Copperfield", Charles's favourite book, in 1849. From then, Charles's books started to express a darkened setting, including "Bleak House" in 1852, "Hard Times" in 1854, "Little Dorrit" in 1857 and "A Tale Of Two Cities" in 1859, marking the end of the dark sided novels. Other books were "Great Expectations" in 1860 and "Our Mutual Friend" in 1865. The last book he worked on was "The Mystery Of Edwin Drood", which wad left unfinished when he dies.

Other FactsCharles fell in love with a woman called Maria Beadnell, whose parents did not like the relationship and sent her away to Paris.Charles's wife had 10 children before another of Charles's romantic relationships, this time with an actress called Ellen Ternan, lasting for the rest of his life. Charles and his wife agree to break up the next year.

Our Mutual Friend

The Dickens Family

Little Dorrit


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