Charles Darwin

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Who was Charles Darwin?

Charles Darwin was a English Scientist in the early 1800's, who is most famous for his theories of natural selection and evolution.

Charles Darwin did many significant things that changed the world. He sailed his boat to the Galapagos Islands, where he discovered a variety of different finches. Through further investigation, he proposed the idea of evolution through natural selection. This shocked the world and went against almost everyones beliefs as it was a time where the majority of people where religious. In 1859 he published a book with the scientsit Charles Lyell, which explained their research on the diversification in nature, and the evolution of man from apes. This changed the world by inspiring other scientists to work harder and discover more facts and data on evolution. Darwins studies and book changed the way humans think about science and the creation of humans and other organisms.

What Did Dawin do that was significant?


What Skills did he possess?

Darwin had many great characteristics, although the most aparent traits where his passion, determination, and curiosity. He gained these traits when he found what he loved most, studying zoology and marine biology. He loved studying animals so he was extremely passionate, curious about the animals, and determined to discover new things and change the world.

What Characteristics did he possess?

Darwins many skills include, the ability to observe organisms for long periods of time, the ability to listen carefully and stay quiet, and patience. Charles most likely gained these skills being the fifth child in the family and observing and listening to his older siblings. He also gained patience living in a chaotic household of six kids.

Why did I choose Charles Darwin?

I chose Charles Darwin for my glog because of his amazing acomplishments and inspiration. Darwin has been inspiring almost all scientists for 200 years and he has motivated me to try my best at everything and to think outside of the box. Darwin also lead many people into believing in science instead of religion which made scientists more abundant. With more scientists, much more was invented and discovered. I chose Charles Darwin because he his one of the most influential people of all time.


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