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Charles Darwin

In 1809, on the 12th of February, Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. At the age of eight years old his mother, Susanah, died. About ten years later his father forced him to drop out of Grammar school because of poor grades. He then enrolled in Christ's College, Cambridge University two years later where he met a man by the name of Henslow. Henslow invited Darwin to a five year voyage on the HMS Beagle along the coast of South America. There he discovered many different types of birds which all had slight differences but for the most part looked the same. After this voyage he devoloped his theory of evolution and published the Origin of Species in 1856.


1809- Born on Shrewsbury, Shropshire1817 - Mother dies1827 - Enrolls in Christ's College, Cambridge University1831 - Sailed on the HMS Beagle around South America1838 - Develops theory of evolution1839 - Marries cousin, Emma Wedgewood1859 - Publishes Origin of Species1882 - Charles Darwin dies and is buried in Westminster Abbey

Developed the theory of evolution. This led people to begin to attempt to connect species of the modern day with ancient fossils to attemt to find a common ancestor.Developed the theory of natural selection which led to the study of DNA and genetics.

Lasting Impact

His research brought up the study of DNA and genetics to learn about how animals have evolved and started the search of our common ancestor.


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Charles Darwin



"Survival of the fittest."


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