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Charles Darwin

CollegeCharles was sent to Edinburgh University with his brother to study medicine. He quit after seeing a live surgery, on a kid. His father made him go to Christ's College in Cambridge. Except, this college needed Greek and Latin experience, his worst subjects! he took eight months of tutoring and graduated with an average degree in 1831.

Charles Darwinand the Evolution Theory

Schooling: The early YearsOn 1818, when Darwin was 9 he was sent to Shrewsbury Grammer School, a very strict-no-nonsense academy to be exact. Charles was a terrible student because all they taught at the school was Latin and Greek. Charles was a child at heart so would run home everyday and play with sisters for as long as he could then at the last minute he would run a mile back to the academy to sleep in before the academy doors closed. He and his brother Erasmus had to share a bed in a stuffy room with 30 other boys.

Major Discoveries -Darwin found a long white streak of fossils at the Cape of Verde Islands. It went all the way around the island, and Darwin found that the white streak was fossils! Darwin left his thoughts 4 later.-Darwin found the fossils of an extinct giant sloth ' an extinct giant armadillo, on a mountain! This began Darwin's thoughts of evolution. His find proved that some land was once below sea level and that the earth doesnt stay the same, it changes slowly over time.-At the Galapogos Islands, Darwin found that the birds on each island looked alike, but had different beaks that supported each bird's lifestyle on the perticular island.

Professional Life WorkDarwin's job eas collecting new specimens of plants and animals to analyze later. He didnt have one exact location because he was travelling. He worked aboard the H.M.S.Beagle.

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Cooply Medal 1864

Royal Medal 1853

Wollaston Medal 1859

Many people might think that Darwin was an old man who enjoyed locking himself inside a room to write, but he enjoyed frolicking in the fields ' nature better!

Charles kept a secret journal during his travels because his theory defied the bible. Anyone could get executed for saying against the bible.

Later on, his work got published and nobody hurt him!

Early Family LifeAs a child he collected shells,rocks, stamps, and coins. He frequently told strange fibs to stir up excitement! Charles did not go to elemantary school. When he was 7 he took lessons from his teenage sister Caroline.Later Family LifeCharles mother died from stomach flu when he was eight, and no one was to speak of her. This caused Charles depression later and life and he always thought he was sick. Later on his sister didn't want to teach, so he was sent to a ''daycare''. Charles was lucky to be in a high class family, most kids didnt go to school at all because they were poor.

Date of Birth: February 12,1809Date of Death: April 19,1882 (He lived to be 73)Place of Birth: Shrewsbury, EnglandCharles was born in a high class family

When Charles was 16 he was kicked out of Shrewsbury Grammer School, for as the principal stated, Charles was too dumb for school. Charles enjoyed frolicking in the fields better than school.

Even though Charles was a mastermind , he was a bad student!


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