Charles Darwin

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Scientific Biographies

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Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin and HMS Beagle


Structural adaptation: adaptation that involves body parts or color.Population: all the organisms of one species that live in a certain place.Natural selection: The idea that those organisms best adapted to their environment will be the ones most likely to survive and reproduce.

1) Darwin's ship was the HMS Beagle.2) The HMS Beagle started its journey in England.3) In 1835 the Beagle landed on the Galapagos Islands.4) Darwin found many species here that were different from anywhere else in the world.


1) Organisms usually produce more offspring than can survive.2) Competition exists among organisms. Those organisms that survive the competition are the only ones to reproduce and pass on their traits to offspring.3) Organisms best adapted to their environments are the ones most likely to survive long enough to reproduce.4) Parent organisms pass traits on to their offspring. Offspring usually look like their parents, but variations may occur.

1) Tortoises differed depending on which island they lived on.2) They differed in the color of their shells and the shape of their shells.3) One island had humid, green highlands with many short plants. The tortoises who lived here had dome-shaped shells, short necks, and short front legs. These tortoises adapted to eating ground plants.4) Tortoises from low, dry islands were smaller and had long necks and slender legs. The front parts of these tortoises' shells were bent upward in the shape of a saddle. This made it possible for them to reach high into the dry shrubs for food.

Natural Selection


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