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Charles Darwin Project

The Life of Charles DarwinCharles was born on Febuary 12, 1809 in Strewsbury, England. He had five other siblings, being the second oldest. Charles loved to explore the world around him and discover new things. The generations in is family before him were all scientist and doctors paving the way for him. He had a very fortunate life. He was wealthy and had family who loved him.

Charles Darwin Goes to the Galapogos islandsWhen Did He Go?He embarked on the voyage on December 27, 1831 through 1836.Why Did He Go?To study and collect research about the world. Also to find new creatures.How did he Get There?Charles went on a voyage on the HMS Beagle. He was invited for the natualist position.

About Natural SelectionNatural Selection- where different species and organisms who have better adapted to their enviroment tend to live longer and produce more offspring.Natural Selection is where a species has two differnet kinds of their species. One may have more of an opprotunitie to reproduce than others. When one of the kinds is dieing off and not adapting to the enviroment then that kind will eventually be extict. Then the other kind will keep adapting and live on.

What is Natural Selection?

Charles Darwin: The Creator of the Theory of Evolution

Natural Selection Video

The HMS Beagle

These are the Galapagos Islands. It is a place where some of the most unusual species evolved. Many natuarlist, like Charles, go there to explore.

Creatures of the Galapogos Island Charles Darwin explored the land of the Galapogos and found many creatures. one of the creatures he found were the finches. he observed that the finches had 13 kinds of beaks, later he noticed that it was because of their different sources of energy. Another species he found was the marine iguana. He discovered that they have adapted by being the color of the coastline. finally there was the giant tortoise. He found that they were different becuase of the shapes of their caraspaces or shells.

Charles Darwin the Author

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