[2015] Alexis Katie: Charles Darwin

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Evolutionary Biology

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[2015] Alexis Katie: Charles Darwin

Charles went to the Galapagos on September 15th, 1835. He decided to go to the Galapogos so he could study the active volcano. He got there on the HMS Beagle (the ship).

The picture above is a visual of the Galapagus Islands today. It has very blue water and several small islands that make the Galapagus Islands.

Darwin studied the giant tortoises and learned . tortoises that ate plants near the ground had rounded shells, plodded across the islands and foraged on super tough leaves. Next he studied the finches; they were different in beaks, the beak the finch had matched up with the seemd on that island, and how different species were distributed around the world. One other animal he studies was a marine iguana. Darwin found that it had a flat tail to dive, lond claws and strong arms to withstand the waves, and how the nose of the iguana was smaller than a lizard's.

Charles Darwin was a biologist that was known mostly for his work as a naturalist. He happened to create the theory of evolution to explain the biological occurances of change. He was born Febuary 12th, 1809 in Shewsbury, England and grew up with a Christian upbringing. He attended the University of Edinburgh, Cambridge and died on April 19th 1882 in Downe, England.

Charles Darwin

This is a visual of the HMS Beagle they traveled in.

A similar marine iguana Darwin studied.

A kind of finch Darwin studied.

Natural selection is the process where animals that are better adapted to their environment tend to live longer and produce a greater amount of offspring. Natural selection is a step towards evolution; so the process works by having different traits, to differential reproduction, to heredity, and the end results. It's taking different traits of the breed and combining differetnt ones to get an offspring that has better chances of living because of the better traits what were given. Combining the different traits that two species/ breeds gives the offspring a chance to adapt and change.



Three books Charles Darwin wrote: "The Orgin of Species" , "The vouyage of the Beagle", and "The descent of Man".

One type of giant torttoise he would study.


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