[2015] Elizabeth Rivera: Charles Darwin

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Evolutionary Biology

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[2015] Elizabeth Rivera: Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a naturalist that came up with theories evolution,his theories concluded that animals and humans share a common ancestry. This theorie became the foundation of modern evolutionary studies.The life of Charles Darwin was very adventarous. Even though his mother died when he was eight years old he still had a healthy life and good education. Darwin was at age 16 when his father sent him to college. Charles went to Edingburgh university and studied medicine. After two years of studying ths he became intrested in science. He was tought many things like how to classify plants, how to understand the chemistry of cooling rocks on the primitave world.

In the year 1831 Darwin came as a companion on a 5 year voyage with Captain Robert Fitzroy. They left from England in a boat called the HMS Beagle and started their voyage. Darwin was going not just as companion but a naturlist that had ambition for scientifc research. After they sailed and survived the whole coast of South America they made a quick stop to The Galapagos islands.

The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos islands is located to the west of South America and it's known as one of the most famous wildlife viewing.

The Creatures of The Galapagos Islands

In the Galapagos Islands Darwin discovered many species and found out that they each had heir own unique way f adapting to the envirnment for examole the lizards. One specie of lizard swam all die collecting food and the other species stayed on land and ate cactus. This is because each lizard had charecteristics that helped them get their food. This prevents spcies from fighting for the food. Another creature was the Giant Tortoise. For this animal the shell helps it. The shell bends down when the tortoise eats in low places and for tall places the shell bends upward so it helps it stretch out the neck and rach the food. Latstly he observed the finch species. This bird species each had specific beaks that let them survive.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is the process used by animals on how to adapt in certain enviornmentand how to survive. Natural selection is used by animals and its used in a way where the creature devoleps diffrent charecteristics to survive and it passes to offspring and so on. https://youtu.be/0SCjhI86grU

Books by Darwin


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