Charles Boettcher

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Charles Boettcher

educationCharles Boettcher went to school in Gymnasium [lower University]. The school was a nine year scchool that started in Strassburg in 1537.

Charles boettcher

Charles Boettcher was born in Kolleda Germany in 1852

educationCharles boettcher

parents are Fredrick Boettcher,and SuzanneMartine.

eraly lifeCharles Boettcherworked with his brother in wyoming in a hard ware store. Charles Boettcher

main lifeCharles Boettcher was marred to Fannie Augusta. His first house was in boulder for $1,500.Has a son Claude boettcher. Moves to 1201 grant street builds mansion.

Charles Boettcher died when he was 96 years. Can`t you belive I was almost one hundred years old.

Charles Boettcher was not only famus for mining,banking,and ranching he was also famus for biulding a cement company.

Charles Boettcherhas alot named after him like the boettcher foundation,the boettcher scolarship, boettcher mansion, and boettcher concert hall



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