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Charles Beric


When i was a baby my entire familly was killed. My familly and relatives all lived in district 11 and nowhere else. I was adopted by a nice grain farmer named Annabel Charo. Up to when I was 14 I thaught Annabel was my mom but she told me the truth. I still consider her my mom even if she isn't my real mom.

I am 18 years old and single, I may not look like it but I am 18. I lost my eye, half my hair, and have a bunch of scars because of the hunger games. I have many crushes but the one that stands out to me is a girl from district 12 named Katniss Everdeen. She was the winner of the 74 hunger games.

About District 11

District 11 is an agricultural district where we farm many thing. Some of the things we farm are berries, wheat, grain, etc. District 11 is one of the poorest districts in Panam. Some of the jobs we have here are sorter, irrigator, farmhand, harvester, and gardener.We hate the capitol and are most likely gonna get wiped off the map by the caiptol. The reason I think that is we are one of the districts that riot and rebel a lot against the capitol.


-Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later -Og Mandino -The secret to getting ahead is getting started. -Mark Twain -Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value. –Albert Einstein

CharlesBeric ofdistrict 11



My name is Charles Beric of district 11. I am 18 years old and I will be participating in the quarter quel. I may not look 18 years old but I am, I lost most of my hair in the hunger games and have a bunch of scars. My familly was murdered when I was just born. I don't know how I survived as a baby but now I'm a strong cold blooded man. My specialty in district 11 is farming grain. In district 11 farming is our specialty, we provide our supplies to the pittiful capitol. I was taught how to wield a blade and to kill. I strive to find the man who murdered my familly and I will kill him. In order to do that I have to participate in the hunger games and dig around for information. Those are the only things I care about, to murder the man who killed my familly, and to survive the hunger games.


The things i'm interested in are hunting, cooking, and helping the people in district 11. The reason I have an interest in hunting is i've seen people do it in the hunger games and i think it might be fun, peaceful, and good for food. To bad we don't have a place to hunt in district 11. The second thing is cooking! Not that cooking you do in a kitchen but roasting things over a fire. The last thing is helping the people who are poor and have nowhere to live in. The reason for that is I want be known a hero that either died or survived in the hunger games. Or just a person who helped the poor people in district 11.



Some of the strengths I have are climbing trees and being able to swim. The reason climbing trees is useful because you can climb and get a view of whats a head. Also swimming is important because it can help hide you if you're being chased. Also you can fish for food if there is a river. Another strength I have is i'm very skilled in close combat. The weapon I wield is a axe because I like heavy weapons that do a lot of damage. The reason for that is because the more damage you can do the quicker you kill you're opponent, to give them a quick death.

Some of the weakness I have are running, stealth, and long range combat. The reason i'm not good at running is I like big weapons like a axe but when i'm running its hard to carry with you. Stealth I'm not really good at because i'm a very clumsy person so I might step on a twig when i'm sneaking around an enemy. The final weakness is long range combat. I don't know how to use a bow or throw a javalin. Also agility isn't what i'm best at so it makes it hard for to throw and dodge arrows or javalins. Those are all my weaknesses.

Personality Traits

I am not trustful because people tend to betray other people. During the 74 hunger games I saw someone betray another person and kill him. That is why I don't like to trust others. But when it comes to information someone can tell me that someone was killed in the forest and it could just be a trap. I am easily fooled so people would tell me i'm very gullible. I'm also very clumbsy because sometimes when i'm farming I would forget a munch of steps like forgeting to hoe the dirt before planting the seeds.


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