Charlemagne History Marker

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Charlemagne History Marker

CharlemagneThe King of Franks 771-814

Charlemage took over Franks in 771 after Pepin the Short died in 768. During his reign, in 787, he launches his educational plan by ordering bishops and abbots to open schools near their churches and monasteries. In 788, Charlemagne takes control of Bavaria, bringing all the territory of the Germanic tribes into one political unit. In 799, Pope Leo III is attacked in the streets of Rome and flees to Charlemagne for protection, The king has him conducted safely back to Rome. In 800, Charlemagne comes to Rome to oversee a synod where Leo crowns Charlemagne comes to Rome to oversee a synod where Leo clears himself of the charges laid on him by his enemies. At Christmas mass, Leo crowns Charlemagne Emperor. In 812, the Byzantine emperor Michael I acknowledges Charlemagne as emperor, though not as 'Roman' emperor, providing official power to the power Charles already wielded in fact. In 814, Charlemagne dies in Aachen.



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