Chariot Races

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Chariot Races

Chariot Races

-most popular sport in Roman times-these games were dangerous- played by perfessionals- equipment such as horses and cahrioteers were needed- every team had their own color- only 66 days out of the year games were played-there were 24 games each day- people who went to the games wore team colors for support-go around in laps on horses

-evolved from the hippodrome-oval shaped- could hold about 170,000 people-designed for chariot races-enormous in size-place for entertainment-oval shaped

Circus maximus

-are made specifically for a certain sport such as football or baseball- oval shaped-capacity usually is 100,000-60,000-place for entertainment-can have concerts

-each car has a certain color and number-people sponsor the cars-go around in laps-big sporting event- very dangerous-different types of races-in duel races there are 60 laps/ 150 miles

Car Racing

Chariot Races

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