Characteristics of ASD

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Characteristics of ASD

Develop a relationship with their teachers:•Many teachers are not trained or confident enough to work with students with ASD.•ASD students display a delay or abnormal functioning in social interaction and language used in social communication.•ASD students also display difficulty communicating thoughts and needs verbally and non-verbally to teachers and guardians.

Take part in an inclusive environment:•ASD students show narrow interest in specific toys.•ASD students sometimes demonstate difficulty following routines.•Some ASD individuals display abnormalities in the development of posture and body movements.•ASD students sometimes withdraw from or provide unusual responses in social situations.•Some ASD individuals engage in unusual behaviours, such as rocking, spinning, or hand flapping•ASD children may get extremely upset with changes in routine or schedules.

Develop a relationship with their peers:•Some ASD students have trouble interacting with peers due to the lack of language used in social communication, or symbolic or imaginative play.•Individuals with Asperger's experience feelings of social isolation which could lead to depression and/or anxiety.•Some also withdraw from or provide unusual responses in social situations.•Some ASD students engage in play that is lacking in the imaginative qualities of social play.•Individuals with ASD may use speech that includes repetitive, echolalic, or unusual language.

Impairments That Interfere With a ASD Students Ability To...



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