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Performance Character:The way one executes any given task. identifies, "Self-discipline, diligence, and perseverance as examples of performance character" (2008, p.3).

Civic Character:The knowledge, skills, virtues, and commitments necessary for engaged and responsible citizenship" (Seider, 2012, p.164).

Moral Character is the core of Character development-Developing character is not successful if all three components aren't present!!-Moral and civic character needed to be ethical (Seider, p.34)-"Performance character must be regulated by moral character to not do bad while pursuing goals" (Seider, p.33)- Civic engagement needs dedication. "Without dedication (a performance strength) and loyalty (a moral character strength), civically loses its efficacy" (Seider, p.34).

Performance Character enhancement in the classroom:Final Exam Exemption-Students are exempt from science finals if they maintain an A+ average throughout the semester.

Performance Character enhancement in the classroom:Assignment Redo-Students are given the choice to redo certain assignments to receive a better score.

"Students who don't develop an orientation toward doing their best work in school may carry that over later in life" (, 2008, p.3)

Civic Character enhancement in the classroom:Group Accountability-Students are placed in groups throughout the semester. If the group maintains a certain average, they will receive a special prize. Group members learn to encourage and help their teammate so the group (community) will do well.

Moral Character:The way one perceives right and wrong. identifies, "Empathy, fairness, trustworthiness, and generosity as examples of moral character" (2008, p.3).

Merriam-Webster:Character is the way someone thinks, feels, and behaves (someone's personality).



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