Character Personality Assessment

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Character Personality Assessment

The Pirates of The Caribbean is an action/adventure film that details the journey of a few specific characters. Captain Jack Sparrow is the main character; a flamboyant pirate who speaks to the audience's inner daredevil. The movie revolves around a cursed ship, The Black Pearl, which holds lots of gold. Captain Jack leads a cast of characters looking to sort out their own lives and pasts on an adventure to find the Aztec gold.

Character Personality Assessment

Pirates of The Caribbean

4 Freudian Concepts Demonstrated by Jack

1) Captain Jack weasles his way out of almost every situation with his charm and wit2) Even though Jack's true motivation is to reclaim the Black Pearl, he does many noble things along the way like saving Elizabeth from death3) What Jack lacks in moral judgment he makes up for in adventurous spirit4) Jack has very peculiar body language and is not your run of the mill pirate or hero

Freudian concepts can be seen on display throughout The Pirates of The Caribbean. For instance, Jack Sparrow uses various defense mechanisms when it comes to personal interactions in order to keep himself one step ahead of the other pirates and people after his life (and the Black Pearl). He is quick-witted and clever so he never finds himself in a hole he can't dig out of. He does not allow any characters to really get to know the true individual that Jack Sparrow is. His guard is always up and he holds everyone at a distance for his own goals to be achieved. Defense mechanisms help shield the ego from conflicts the id, superego and reality createFreud's psychosexual stages tie into Jack Sparrow's behavior a good bit as well. Sparrow's personality correlates with the Anal Expulsive category of Freud's psychosexual stages. He seems fixated as well in the Oral Stage because that is what led to his manipulative nature.The tough part about this assignment was sorting out Jack Sparrow's complex interactions between his Id, Ego and Superego. It is clear from the movie that Jack operates greatly on the urges of his Id because he seeks a quick solution to every problem he faces and wants to satisfy every urge with no true care for other scenarios. It is almost as if Jack has an ongoing conflict with his Ego because the realities he faces shock him and really kick him when he's down. He is constantly using his Id to battle the realtiy his Ego brings to him and that is why he is so adventurous and daring as a pirate. Jack's Superego rarely surfaces but when it does he shows genuine emotion and care for those around him. Jack is able to set aside his Id for specific situations and do well for a change.



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