Character and Narrative- Woman in Black

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Character and Narrative- Woman in Black

Character and Narrative

Todorov's Narrative Theory1) A State of Equilibrium.2) A disruption of that order.3) A recognition the disorder has occurred.4) An attempt to repair the damage of the disruption.5) Restoration of Equilibrium.

The Woman in Black Narrative stagesEquilibrium- Lawyer Arthur Kipps is still grieving the death of his beautiful wife, whilst caring for his 4 year old son Joseph in the city.Disruption- Arthur travels away on business, leaving his son in the care of someone else, to the village called Cryphin Gifford to examine documents at Eel Marsh House. Whilst examining the evidence Arthur discovers that a woman dressed in black still roams the house and land, as her son was taken away from her at birth and drowned in the marsh. She seeks revenge on everyone who enters the house, every time her presence is seen at another child is killed. Recognition- Arthur learns the deaths of many children were due to his interface in the house, the woman in black roams. Then remembering he and his Son are reunited on the Friday, he suspects the Woman in Black will seek revenge and murder is own Son.Attempt to Repair- He feels the only way to stop the murders is to reunite the missing child to his mothers grave. Along with his friend who has previously lost a child, helps to find the missing bot and returns him to his mother, assuming this will put the mother in peace. Restoration- As Arthur and Joseph are reunited, at the train station the tragic even of both of their deaths occur when The Woman in Black leads the young boy into the train tracks. Leading Arthur to try and save him, however unfortunately a fast coming train hits them. Reuniting them with Stella (Arthurs wife).

In this short scene from The Woman in Black, the protagonist, Arthur, is searching the house after hearing some strange noises. Going against what his friend told him, he chases shadows leaving the audience questioning what he is looking for. He attempts to open a locked door in the dark, eery corridor. When the door doesn't open the audience are left questioning 'Why isn't the door opening? Is the door actually locked, or is something holding the door shut? These questions all follow the Barthes enigma theory, as the audience are constantly being questioned about what's going to happen or is it a Luton bus shock (False shock/scare). Another enigma code which is posted to the audience at the end of the clip is 'What is that black oily stuff on his hands? Is that from the marsh?' All these questions leave the audience at the edge of there seats, as they don't know what to expect.

Bathes Engima Code

Arthur Kipps plays the Hero in the film, as he is the character that has been sent on the quest to solve what lurks around the large isolated house. He follows the narrative alongside his side kick helper, to help bring peace to the village at last. Although he fails to do so, he attempted to, unfortunately he is killed by a fast oncoming train, which brings restoration to the film.

Janet Humphrey Plays the villain in the film, as she plays the character 'The Woman in Black'. Throughout the whole film, the character causes many horrific disruptions, leading to young children’s death. The reason she roams the large house, is because her son was taken away from her at birth and later drowned in a terrible accident in the Mores, his body was never discovered. So her sprint is trapped between the real world and hell, as she was never laid to rest in peace.

Sam Daily and Elizabeth Daily, are both Donors in the film, as they both assist the main character to bring peace to the village. They both tell him the truth about all the myths and stories, that lurk around the big house in the case he is trying to solve.

Character Types

Young V's Old

Good V's Evil

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