[2016] Shi-Lynn Cherneske: Character Analysis

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[2016] Shi-Lynn Cherneske: Character Analysis

In the book Scardey Kat. written by Elizabeth Kimmel. Its about a twelve year old girl named Kat. she can see spirits and her mother is very strange her mother talks to bugs and plants!

In the book Scardey Kat written by Elizibeth Kimmel. It was a great book to read. It was really intresting when I was reading. The book was great the author did a good job writting the book. It felt like I was with the characters on the adventure.

Personal Reaction


The main characters in the book im reading is Kat and her best friend Jac. Kat is always happy and honest. Jac Kats best friend is honest and kind to her friends.

By: Shi-Lynn

Character Analysis!

Elizabeth Kimmel

Characters Develoment


Introductory Statement!

The book I'm reading is called Scardey Kat. Its about a girl named Kat who can see spirits. Kat sees a boy in the empty house next door. One day she decided to break into the house. Kat went into a room and found the boy that she saw. His full name was Tank Hacht, she found out that he is in a coma. Kat went back into the house and communicated with Tank and told him what he had to do to get back to his body. A couple hours later Tank woke up from a coma.


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