Chapters 23-24

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Chapters 23-24

Chapter 23Algae is the common ancestor of land plants, the first of which came nearly 450 million years ago Bryophytes were the first plants to come to land, but must remain close to water because they lack vascular tissue Vascular plants evolved out of the Silurian Period, and developed two types of tissue: xylem and phloem Today, we see many plants that are fully adapted to living on land due to adaptations like seeds, vascular tissue, and strong bodies

Chapters 23-24

Chapter 23 Important Terms: Bryophyte *Angiosperm * Megaphyll * Spore * Pteridophyte Chapter 24 Important Terms: Apical * Meristem * Cuticle * Epidermis * Xylem * Phloem

Chapter 24 Flowering plants all share three common organs: roots, stems, and leaves Roots store nutrients and anchor the plantChapter 24 Stems are responsible for plant growth and the transmission of nutrients Xylem transports mainly water and some nutrients throughout the plant Phloem transports organic compounds throughout the plant Roots have three different areas: area of cell division, area of maturation, and area of elongation Leaves are made up of mesophyll tissue, along with a cuticle, stomata, and an upper and lower layer of epidermis

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