Chapter 9 I'm-Trying-to-Figure-This-Out Writing from Joy Writer

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Chapter 9 I'm-Trying-to-Figure-This-Out Writing from Joy Writer

Joy Write by Ralph FletcherChapter 9I'm-Trying-to-Figure-This-Out WritingCreated by: Nancy Schneider

"The majority of teachers subconsciouly frame writing as a medium for communication." "Very few frame it as a medium for thinking, learning, and/or solving problems."

Messages 1. "Writing is primarily a tool of thinkig, learning, and problem-solving."2. "Being an effective learner, thinking, and problem-solver will allow you to experience and acquire the good things of life and avoid the pitfalls and perils."3. "Using writing this way is easy, enjoyable, worth learning, and can be fun."4. "75% of all the writing kids do in school should be this kind of I'm-trying-to-figure-this-out writing."

I'm-trying-to-figure-this-out writinginvolves the following examples:NotesWritten Reactions-Quick-writesSummariesWhat-I'm-thinking right-nowExploratory NotebookIt is referred to as Greenbelt writing.What to do with this type of writing:1. Consider it a thinkin-on paper2. Reat it with interest (though don't feel like you have to read all of it)3. Share excerpts out loug, if appropriate, and with the student's permission4. view it as a window into the students' thinking

Don't1. Correct it2. Grade it3. Assess it4. Require a certain minimum number of pages5. Comment on messy handwriting

Don't turn this kind of writing into tedious busywork; it will cease to be helpful..If you have students who struggle with a pen, put them on a computer. This type of writing should be stress-free and low-stakes writing.



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