Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Word Processing ApplicationsGraphic organizers are a great way of representing similarities and differences. -Microsoft Word SmartArt menu, Mircrosoft Word, and Google Docs.Communication and Collaboration SoftwareCommunication and Collaboration Software allows students to work on the same assignment using different computers. Data Collection and Analysis ToolsSpreadsheet software facilitates the comparison of data. This is a great tool for students to use to help them identify similarities and differences. -Google Docs and Microsoft ExcelOrganizing and Brainstorming SoftwareThere are programs that allow students to show their data by creating their own graphic organizers.-Kidspiration and Inspiration

Chapter 8

Identifying Similarities and Differences

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1) Comparing-The process of identifying similarities between or among things or ideas.2) Classifying-The process of grouping things that are alike into categories on the basis of their characteristics.3) Creating metaphors-The process of identifying a general pattern in a specific topic and then finding another topic that appears to be quite different but that has the same general pattern.4) Creating analogies-The process of identifying relationships between pairs of concepts.



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