Chapter 8 Notes

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Chapter 8 Notes


the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way

Language is broken up into many part: Phonemes, Morphemes, Syntax, and Semantics

Phonemes: most basic sounds produced by the combination of letters (ba, ca, etc.)Morphemes: most basic sounds that have meaning in a language (bat, car, etc.)Syntax: the rules of how the language is susposed to be used (grammar)Semantics: the literal meaning of a sentence

-Most of what you learn in the first few years of your life (3-10)-Children under age of 2 have great Receptive vocabulary (words a person recognizes and understands on hearing), but not a good Productive Vocabulary(words that you use to express yourself, in speech)-Instead of saying words, kids under 2 create whining noises-When they reach the age of 2, they begin to use simple sounds, like "mama, dada, papa" etc-After age of 2, the child will begin to "Babble", or say random phrases to themselves



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