Chapter 8: Journal Writing

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Language Arts

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Chapter 8: Journal Writing

Chapter 8: Journal Writing

I had never considered the benefits that keeping a journal as a teacher could have. However, I really like this idea and could see myself using a journal to record how the classroom experience is going. It would help me note for the future how activities and projects went over with students and what changes could be made. I could also use a journal to take notes on the feedback I receive from students. This would help me remember how students reacted to my teaching style and classroom procedure, and adjust my practices if needed.

Allows for teacher's reflection on the classroom experienceCan be helpful for the teacher's action research, helping them to look at their classroom with a "critical and evaluative eye" (p.133)Teacher-to-student journals creates trust in the relationship

Teacher Journals



Reflection allows students to think about what and how they are learning (this helps the memory)Allows students to express feelings freely without worrying about style/genre/being gradedGives practice writing and using writing skillsOpens up a student-teacher dialogue privately


-Be enthusiastic when introducing the journal-Explain its purpose/benefits-Explain your expectations-Keep up your encouragement and enthusiasm-Give feedback to show that you read the student's entry-Be careful to keep the student-teacher relationship appropriate


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