Chapter 7: Responding, Correcting, and Guiding

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Language Arts

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Chapter 7: Responding, Correcting, and Guiding

-Give sample sentences and have students point out errors-Teach correction symbols-Error checklist with examples-Questions (students make sure they have answered all of the questions)-Have students generate a list of what they think is important

Ways of Correcting Students' Work*-Selective Correction - only correct a few paragraphs or pick one area to correct (ex. layout). Be sure to tell students you're doing this-Use Correction Symbols*-Marking Scales-Reformulation-Refer students to a dictionary-Ask students come talk-Remedial Teaching

Ways of Responding to Students' Work-Respond to the work-in- progress - "visit" students as they write, have students put a card on their dest if they don't want you to visit-Write a response to a student's draft-Give feedback and suggestions on final drafts-Tape comments-Respond Electronically*

Peer Reviewing-Encourages collaboration-Less authoritarian-Develops students' skills in editing, which will be beneficial when they edit their own work-Teacher needs to teach students how to edit

Responding:Discussing the students' writing rather than judging it. The accuracy can be evaluated, but so should the content and design of the writing.

Correcting:Fixing the syntax, grammar, and word choice mistakes in the writing.


Chapter 7:Responding, Correcting, and Guiding

ReflectionsI found this chapter to be especially helpful. When thinking about correcting students' work, I wouldn't have assumed that students would see this feedback as the teacher telling them what to do. However, when I think about when I get homework returned from teachers, I sometimes have this same attitude! How I react to feedback from teachers is especially affected by my relationship with the teacher. If I know them well and know that they want me to succeed and learn, then I respond positivly. When I am a teacher, I will have to keep all of this in mind.

Training Students to Self-Edit

- Explain why homework is needed-Get to know students' situations and adjust the homework load accordingly-Give homework that reflects real word situations/applications-Explain how homework will be graded and time constrants

Discuss Homework Issues


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