Chapter 7 Glog: Writing With Technologies

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Chapter 7 Glog: Writing With Technologies

Blogs ("web logs") are a great way to improave and support meaningful communication between learners. Blogs are highly interactive spaces where readers can post responses to entries. This creates more opportunities for dialogue! Blogs provide classroom experiences beyond the "walls" of a classroom. Blogs can appeal to different learning styles. Blogging enhances the experience for students on the subject. Blogging can be motivating!

Chapter 7 Glog

Writing with Technologies

Concept Mapping For the writing process, concept maps can be utilized as a great planning tool. Concept mapping can be used for brainstorming as a prior step to organization and actual writing. Concept maps work will because they require students to actively evaluarte and organize their ideas as they are creating them. Concept maps provide a visual representation for students of how ideas in their writing task relate to one antoher. A few helpful visualization tools in technology include Noodletools and Wordle.

Traditional writing is still important to function in today's society. Writing is a complex activity composed of many tasks including: setting goals, planning, idea organization, composition of text, and editing. There are many technology tools that can support students in during the writing pocess.

Teaching stduents to write well is still fundamental!

Collaborative writing benefits learners by developing positive relationships among students, increased participation by students, opportunities for peer and self-assessment, mour sources of input and ideas, varied points of view, and cross-cultural fertilization. There are many technology tools to support collaborative writing such as Google Docs and Zoho writer. Important features of Google Docs include: importing documents, sharing documents, revision history, unlimited storage, levels of collaboration, and creating comments.

All text information from "Meaninful Learning With Technology: Fourth Edition" by Howland, Jonassen, and Marra


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