Chapter 6: Worked-on Writing

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Chapter 6: Worked-on Writing

*Process + Genre*Writing is constrained by genre. Thus, it is important to show students examples of different genres, how they are constructed, and the drafting and re-drafting process.

3 Stages in 'Process + Genre' Lessons

-Decide who your intended audience is-Put "For" and "Against" points in the order that they will be written-Have the class write ideas on the board, then draw lines to make connections between the ideas (group similar ones together)-Decide on main categories of ideas and write them on the board, have students expand on the ideas

-What is the function of each paragraph?-What sort of lanuage is being used?-What is the intended audience?-How does knowing the intended audience affect the passage's interpretation?

-Buzz Groups (small group brainstorming)-Jigsaw Type Brainstorming Groups-Whole Group Discussion-Notemaking*-"For or Against" Notes

Generating Ideas

Analysing Genres


Chapter 6: 'Worked-on' Writing


This chapter put all of the concepts the book has talked about into practice. I have been confused about how to help students understand genre and how it changes the actual written words that are used. I also found it interesting that the book breaks down the "planning" phase of writing into three stages. I suppose that English learners especially need this type of step-by-step lesson, especially if they are new to English learning and writing.


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