Chapter 6 Study Glog

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Chapter 6 Study Glog

Chapter 6 Study Glog:Integers & Coordinate Plane

6.2Comparing & Ordering Integers

6.5 Coordinate Plane

6.4 Absolute Value

6.3 Frac & Dec on the # line

* Define integer & opposite * Write positive & negative integers * Graph Integers & their opposites


* Compare integers on a horizontal # line* Compare integers on a vertical # line* Order integers * Reason with integers

* Graph negative fractions & decimals* Compare fractions & Mixed numbers * Compare Decimals

* Define absolute value * Find Absolute Value * Compare Absolute Values

* Locate origin & four quadrants on coordinate plane* Identify & plot ordered pair * Find distances in coordinate plane * Reflect a point in 1 and both axes

You should know how to...

You should know how to...

You should know how to...

You should know how to...

You should know how to...

Writing Positive & Negative Integers

Quiz on Thursday, March 6th

Comparing & Ordering Integers

Reflecting Points (2)

Ordering pos/neg fractions

Absolute Value

Reflecting points (1)

Order pos/neg decimals

Plotting & locating points

Naming Ordered pairs



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