Chapter 6 Notes

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Chapter 6 Notes

Operant Conditioning

Classical Conditioning

Observational Learning

-Founder is Ivan Pavlov-He was famous for his experiment with dogs, and how they were classically conditioned to salivate when then heard a bell

type of learning where stimulus acquires the capacity to evoke a response that was originally evoked by another stimulus, which is also called Pavlovian conditioning

-UCS is the stimulus that evokes an unconditioned response w/o previous conditioning-UCR is the reaction to an unconditioned stimulus that occurs w/o previous conditioning-CS is the previously neutral stimulus that has acquired the capacity to evoke a response-CR is the learned reaction to a conditioned stimulus

a form of learning in which responses come to be controlled by their consequences

-Founder is B.F. Skinner-famous for using operant chambers on pigeons and rats (AKA Skinner's Boxes)-Showed that learning can be voluntary, not just involuntary

-Reinforcement is a reward that is given in order to promote the action of the organism-Punishment is an object or thing that discourages the organism from repeating an action-These may be Positive, or the addition of something into the situation, or Negative, or taking something away.

when an organism's responding is influenced by observing others who are called models

-Founder is Albert Bandera-Famous for his Bobo doll experiment where he showed 3 things about observational learning(1) People learn by looking at others (2) Males are more aggressive than females (maybe due to evolutionary reasons) (3) More learning occurs if the same sex teaches you



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