Chapter 5: Building the Writing Habit

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Language Arts

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Chapter 5: Building the Writing Habit

-Give a task that is emotionally and intellectually engaging-Use a stimulus to get students' creativity going (visual, auditory, kinaestetic)-Give clear directions -Make sure students have the accurate lanugage to complete the task-Suggest ideas for students who are stuck

The Right Task

Chapter 5: Building the Writing Habit

-Allows students to learn from each other-Motivating because students share goals-Shared responsibility takes off the pressure

Students are asked to write on the spot without much preparation.

Instant Writing

Collaborative Writing

Instant Writing Ideas

-Dictogloss Activities* -Use technology*-Have students write instructional passages for other students-Provide the first and last lines of a story and have students work together to fill in the rest

-Quick writing ideas here* and here*-Use music as a prompt*-Use a picture as a prompt*-Have students write poetry*

I think the most important thing that I learned in this chapter is how to choose the right task. Tasks need to have enough focus and direction to give students ideas of how to complete them. However, they also need to be open enough for students to show their creativity. The goal is to help students through their fear of making mistakes and "starting" their writing. The goal isn't to correct every mistake.

Collaborative Writing

"The writing habit: making students feel comfortable as writers in English and so gaining their willing participation in more creative or extended activities."p. 61

Collaborative Writing Ideas



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