Chapter 3: Angles

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Chapter 3: Angles

I. INTRO vertical angle

2.Adjacent angle

5. parallel lines

3. complementary angles

4. supplementary angle

vertical angles are opposite angle made by 2 two intersecting line.

Adjacent angle are two angles that have a common vertex and common side

Parallel line are lines in a plane whcih do not meet

complementary angles are when they add up to 90 degree (right angle)

Supplementary angles are either of two angles thet sum is 180 degrees



Perpindicular is when the relashonship between two lines which meet at a right angle (90 degrees)

7. transversal

transversal is when a line that intersect two or more

8.corresponding angles

corresponding is when transversal passes through two lines

9. Alternate interior

Alternate interior is when two line are crossed by another line.

10. Alternate exterior

Alternate exterior is when two lines are crossed by another line.

11. same side interior

Same side interior are a pair of angle on one side of a transversal line and on the inside of the 2 lines being intersected


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