Chapter 15 Journaling

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Chapter 15 Journaling


Step One: Establish guildlines for using journals as learning tools.Know in advance if journal will be read.

Journal writing is a way for people to record observations, think about different perspectives, analyze practices, develop understanding, keep records, make comments, or reconstruct experiences (Easton, 2008).

Journals Professional Learning THREE STEPS

Step Three:Respond to journal entries.Answer questions, offer ideas, suggest resources,

Critical Elements/ConclusionThe critical element of a journal are the entries themselves.The best aspect of journaling as a learning process is flexibility!Journals are active ways of engaging learners in ongoing thinking, constructing meaning, and clarifying understanding.(Easton, 2008)

Step Two:Establish form for journal entry.Description, Analysis,New Knowledge,Future Action.

by Joellen Killion


Journaling is the processof thinking and writing.

Variations-Dialogue Journal(Handout 2 our activity)Left Hand Column(Handout 3)Writers Notebook(Handout 4)Critical Event Anlaysis(Handout 5)

How did Jake use journaling?

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