Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

What is intelligence and IQ?Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, so can intelligence be tested? The term "intelligence quotient," or IQ, was first coined in the early twentieth century by a German psychologist named William Stern. An IQ is the score you get on an intelligence test. If you score under 70 your considered retarded, 70-80 borderline retarded, 80-90 low average, 90-110 average, 110-120 high average, 120-130 superior, and over 130 very superior. The normal curve, also called the bell-shaped curve, is an idealized version of what happens in many large sets of measurements: Most measurements fall in the middle, and fewer fall at points farther away from the middle. Here, most people score near 100 (the average), and much less people score very high or very low. There are serious and significant advantages and disadvantages when testing intelligence. A pro may be, IQ tests assess individual differences. However, a con may be that, IQ tests are biased against ethnic minorities. Some think intelligence can't be tested; is intelligence one thing? Many researchers believe it is. Or is it many things?


Intelligence and IQ

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Major questions about intelligence and IQ testing:

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1) Is intelligence inherited, or does the environment play a larger role?______2) Are intelligence tests biased?_______________3) Is intelligence a single ability, or does it involve an assortment of multiple skills and abilities?______

Sample spatial relations on an IQ test

William Stern



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