Chapter 11 Intro to Genetics

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Chapter 11 Intro to Genetics

Chapter 11 Introduction to Genetics

Nicole Meckes

Punnet squares are used to determine the outcome of a given genetic cross.

Mendel crossed two plants with different characters for a trait and found that the offspring had only one of the characters.

Secton 11-1 The Work of Gregor Mendel

Section 11-2 Probability and Punnet Squares

Section 11-3 Exploring Mendelian Genetics

Mendel used the process of cross-pollination to prevent his pea plants from self-pollinating.

The plants share phenotypes, physical characteristics, but have different genotypes or genetic makeup.

Mendel performed two experiments (two-factor crosses for F1 and F2) to discover independent assortment.

Section 11-5 Linkage and Gene Maps

Section 11-4 Meiosis

Gene maps depict the approximate locations of a gene on a given chromosome.

Meiosis is the process in which the number of chromosomes in a cell is sliced in half in the separation of homologus chromosomes of a diploid cell.



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