Chapter 1: Writing as a Process

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Chapter 1: Writing as a Process

Reflections:Though we have discussed many of the topics covered in this chapter before, I had never thought of the writing process as being just as important as the written product. This makes sense, especially for ELLs who must re-learn planning, drafting, reflecting, and revising skills all over again. We have to make sure that students know the proper way to write for their intended audience and academic purpose, since using the wrong kind of language and grammar can make them seem less knowelgable than they are to native speakers.

Written Language-More permanent-Immediate-More structured -Planned-More content words than grammatical words-Larger "chunks" of language (sentences and paragraphs)-Usually, less conversational-Includes signs and symbols (!,?, italics, bold, etc...)-Creates a finished product

Spoken Lanugage-Fleeting-Immediate-Spontaneous -Easily Interrupted-More grammatical words than content words-Smaller "chunks" of language (words and phrases)-More conversational-Includes paralinguistic features (body language and voice)-Product is a work in progress

"The process of writing is not linear, but rather recursive. This means that writers plan, draft, and edit but then often re-plan, re-draft, and re-edit." ~p. 5-6

Chapter 1: Writing as a Process

The Process Wheel

Includes:-Purpose of writing-Audience-Content Structure (sequence of material)

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Aviod the Process Trap:-Give students practice writing for a variety of contexts-Give practice writing spontaneously-Have students create a dialogue-Have a few outgoing students do a role play

Help students plan:-Brainstorming in groups-Guided Tasks from textbooks-Graphic Organizers-Create a planning guide chart with columns titled "purpose," "audience," and "outline of ideas/arguments"

Help students draft, reflect, + revise:-Teach a specific set of correction symbols-Collaborative writing: students write something together, thus drafting, reflecting, + responding as they go-Peer reviews/responses/rewrites-Teacher talks with student about changes instead of just giving back corrections

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