Chapeter 29 section 3&4

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Social Studies
World War I-II

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Chapeter 29 section 3&4

Total war: Countries devoted all their resources to the war effort

April 2, 1917- President Wilson declares war on Germany

1917 Germans begin to use intensive submarine warfare

Unrestricted Submarine warfare:The use of submarines to sink withouth warning any ship found in any enemy's waters

German Submarine(U-boat) sinks the British passenger ship(Lusitania) - Luisitania: had been carrying ammunitiomn

USA President Woodrow Wison- sent protest to Germany.

Germans agreed to stop attackimng neutral and passenger ships

Zimmerman Note: Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to Mexico promising that if they allied with Germany, that they would help Mexico reconquer the land it had lost to the United States

-Russia withdraws from the war due to shortagess on food and fuel-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin takes over and ends Russia's involvement in war

Chaper 29:Section 3 &4

Febuary 1915: The Gallipoli Campaign-Promising strategy for allies was to attack a reigon in the Ottoman Emipre known as the Dardanelles(by sectioning Dardanelles, allies thought that they could take Constantinople, defeat the turks and establish a supply line to russia

Women and the War-women worked in factories producing weapons for men-kept troops supplied with food and clothing -Nurses for war

.Treaty of Versailles-June 28, 1919- the peace treaty signed by Germany and the Allied-powers League of Nations*Punished Germany(Lost territory and had military restrictions*Allies would govern the mandates until they were judged and ready for independence

Allies Win!!!!

Rationing- people could buy only small amounts of those item that were also needed for warfare

Wilsons Fourteen Points:the outlined plan for achieving everlasting peace-end to secret tresties-freedom of the seas-free trade-reduced national armies and navies- adjustment of colonial claims with fairness toward colonial peoples -creating new nationsSelf determiation:allowed people to decide for themselves under what government they wished to live -"a general association of nations" that would protect"great and small states alike"



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