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Hanukkah Traditions


The Story of HanukkahThis holiday is celebrated by Jews all arond th world, commemorating the miraclous event of a tiny ammount of oil that would only last one day burning for eight days. This is why the menorah has eight branches and Hanukkah lasts for eight nights and days.

The main Hanukkah tradition is lighting the eight candles on the menorah(a special type of candelabra), each evening for eight days. A special four sided top called a dreidel is spun by children for gelt or chocolate coins.

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The traditional foods eaten at Hanukkah are typically fatty or oily, since this holiday is all about oil. Potato pancakes, or latkes and applesauce are some regular Hanukkah foods.

Hanukkah is celebrated by Jews all around the world. The Jews are not particular about the clothing that they wear for Hanukkah, but they sometimes wear a style of hat that is called a yamaka.

On each of the nights of Hanukkah, sometimes a family will give gifts each night. There is no correct order to give the gifts, but some familys will give a big gift on the first night of Hanukkah and smaller gifts the rest of the nights. Still others will give smaller gifts first, leading up to the biggest gift.



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