Channing Hanley

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Social Studies

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Channing Hanley

I was born in 1721 in Magoria, Spain and founded with Spain too! I passed way in 1782 at Mission San Carlos Borromeo.

WHERE DID HE GO?crespì explodered in 1769 through 1774 with Lt.Pedro Fages to the east side of the San Fransico bay.They went up the Sacremento River and founded the central vally.In 1744 Crespì made a trip to Alaska on a ship the captin was Juan Pe'rez.Then Crespì went to New Spain with Junìpedro Serra his philosophy teacher.

Juan Crespì

BACKROUND INFORMATON Crespi worked at Misson San Carlos for twelve years.He expoled from San Degio to Monteray bay and around th San Fransisco area to help the MIssions and he wrote his well known diarys for people in the furture to learn what early California was like.They got published in 1927.

FINDINGS the letters and diaries written by Father Crespì during his 13 years in California wrote down many details of the explorations and daily life in early Caifornia.

crespì's diary Sunday,May 14th his diary said:(when the first land group arrived in the San Deigo Bay)"the march took six and a half hours.All over leveled land covered in grass, "we probably sailed about six leagues, and we arrived happily at the untaken port san Degio"

Father Juan Crespì's map of San Fransico Bay

By:Channing Hanley



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