Changing the Face of Medicine

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Changing the Face of Medicine

Changing The Face of Medicine

Growth in African American Women

Growth in the number of African American Women applying for and attending medical school had decreased . The graduate level also had began to decrease. (Theres not a percentage) (O'Reiley1)

Twice as many African-American women applied to medical school, african-american women accounted for nearly two-thirds of African-American students who were accpeted and eventually matriculated. (matriculated- Being Enrolled) (O'Reiley1)

Chart Percentage Of Women Among Medical School Graduates 1952-2008

Comparison Between African-American Women & Men In Medical Professions

63% of new black MDs in 2011 were Women.

1) Dr. Matilda Arabella Evans2) Dr.Helen Octavia Dickens3) Dr. Rebecca J. Cole4) Dr. Eliza Ann Grier

First African-American Women Who Gained Access To Medical School

Changing The Face of Medicine (Dr. Eliza Ann Grier)

Beneatha wants to go to medical school but Walter and George did not believe in her dreams and just believed her dreams would not succeed. It just show that there will always be negative people in your life.

Raisin in the Sun: Beneatha

The Women Who First Gained Access to Medical School

The first women of color who gained access from medical school dealt with many trials and tribulations. They have been denied the means of access to decent medical care. These women had to work their way through medical school with loans from their supporters.


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