Changing technology

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Changing technology

Changing Technology



Microfiche was invented in 1961 by Carl O. Carlson. This piece of technology was a card used to hold information in a small form. The user places the card underneath the lens of the reader machine and for it's size, allows the information to be stored simply and effectively. Microfiche was popular in many libriaires, museums, and businesses for additional storage space.


Microfiche was a popular technology but was overthrown by the invention of computers in 1822. They are manly used to store and reasearch information, but faster and more efficent than Microfiche. The Monitor, Hard Drive, Mouse, and Keyboard all work together to help the computer perform many different tasks for humans to use.

Vinyl Records

Vinyl Records were created by Emile Berliner in 1888. They're used to prouduce and reverse sound for entertainment. When vinyl records are placed on a record player, the grooves in the record are retraced by the needle on the stylus of the record player. The sound is amplified by the vibrations to a diaphragm in a speaker ,which is caused by the grooves bend and form.


Even though vinyl reocrds were highly successful, CD's replaced it's popularity in 1965 by James Russell who invented the very first CD. They were invented for the same purposes as the vinyl record but easier to transport. The binary code on a CD is striked by a red laser beam during playback, which is engraved in microscopic metal. The metal is placed in the micro groove base, and therefore, releases sound. Did you know that CD's don't last forever? They only last 100 years!

Alfred Gross was highly sucessful in his invention of the pager in 1949. The purpose for this technology was to allow people to receive short messages, and the pager beeps or vibrates to alert the user to the message. The pager was connected to ones email and it was very useful because people didn't have to take a huge computer with them when they travelled. Something fascinating about pagers is that some will update users with stock quotes, news updates, sports scores, weather, and traffic information!


Cell Phones

Cell phones have taken over human communitcation for years and has replaced pagers. Now, cell phones have become one of the most popular uses of technology today. The picture above is one of many pictures of the first cell phone. Over the years cell phones have adapted and become more efficent, smaller, and more advanced, like the Iphone. The first cell phone was created by Martin Cooper in 1973. Cell phones are manly used for communitcating with others, but it has come to the point where you're able to download games, and various social media cites.

Fax Machine

The first fax machine was invented in 1842 by Alexander Bain. A fax machine allows documents to be transferred between people by using telephone lines, by digitizing the information. An individual must submit a paper filled with information to the machine. Then, the fax machine scans the information on the paper and converts it into a format that can be used by the sending machine and the receiving machine. Many business used to use this method for paper work and only a small amount still uses them today.

Document Scanner

Document scanners were first introduced tothe world in the 1990's. They were invented for thesame purposes as fax machines, to send documents to another company or person. With a document scanner, you're able to send the document through email. Businesses find this way easier and less expensive.