Changing culture

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Changing culture

A Changing Culture



Culture is continuously changing and espescially around the time of the 1960s the fien arts, social atitudes and music left a more lasting impression. During this time society saw a rise in popular art, which consisted of simple, commercial-looking images of everyday life. Andy Warhol became a famous skilled artist, to whom we still speak and learn about today. Rock 'n' Roll was also embraced by society, where music was offshot by African-American rythm and blues. The Beatles (video above) helped propel rock music into America. Other artists such as Jimi Hendrix and Joe Cocker who people still listen to today. Their music was influenced by the changing music. Lastly the social atitudes during this time became known as "do your own thing", and sexual behavior became more casual eventually leading to many having uncivilized respect for social norms. Eventually counterculture led Americans towards better atitudes, appearance, lifestyle and behavior.

Origin: 1950s-1960s

Genre: POP/Rock

Important Members: Andy Warhol, The Beatle, Marilyn Monroe

Fun Facts

-Andy Warhol became famous for his bright silk-screen portraits of soup cans. -"Woodstock" muisc festival represented the "60s movement for peace and love"-Marilyn Monroe and other icons were repeated images of the "cookie cutter" lifestyle

1) Why do you think at this time there was a movement of peace and love, especially from teens?2) How has pop art influenced art and culture today3) What did the rock 'n' roll style of music advance from?4) Who was Andy Warhol?5) What was a philosopy that left a mark on society?


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