Changes in Communication

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Changes in Communication

I conducted an interview with my dad, a worker who has been at Micron working as an engineer for 10 years, to find out how communication has changed the workplace. Q. Through your 10 years of working, what was the communication like at the beginning of the ten years versus the end of the 10 years?A. At the beginning of my work, the computers were not that advanced, and neither was the programming. It wasn't very easy to contact my boss or my coleagues instantly. Right now, our technology is very advanced, and the means of communication have changed drastically. Q. How has the different types of communication affected your work/work style? Has it made it easier? Harder? Did you like the change or not?A. I really liked the change in computers, though a lot of the other workers didn't. The new programs presented a challenge, but once I adjusted to it, the computers were much faster and much easier to work with. I could communication with the other workers very quickly.From this interview, I learned that the change in technology in the workplace has also led to chagnes in communication, making it easier for colleagues to contact each other.

Communication: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Many changes have happened in the workplace, one of which is the change of style/type of computer. Many workers (including my dad and his coleagues) say that "Even though the change of computers have proven to be beneficial, they also are very expensive, and require lots of new downloads and technology in order for them to help us in our work."

Find out how communication haschanged the workplace through this video!

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These videos show how communication has changed over the years.

Changes of Communication in the Workplace By:Rachel Liu

Communication has changed drastically through the years, and because of this, many things we do every day have changed, too. The workplace is one of the things that has changed along with communication. In the short story "Hard as Nails", the main character follows his family's footsteps as he pursues his work. I conducted an interview with my dad, Tony, to find out how communication has changed the workplace, to see how work might be like if I follow in his footsteps.

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